Glamour Thalasso & Spa


At Glamour Thalasso & SPA, we believe in the importance of individuality and take care of every guest in accordance with the fundamental thalassotherapy principles. Under medical supervision, the marine benefits are perfectly combined with voluptuousness of SPA services for your greater well-being.

Our Best-Selling Programs

Slimming Program

The program is recommended in case of overweight, cellulite, excess fat. It helps your skin regain its density and firmness and remove imperfections of sagging areas..

Light Legs Program

This program reactivates venous return, helps relieve vascular problems…

For Him

Designed to tighten sagging skin areas, correct skin’s tone and fight back and leg muscle pains.

Our treatments


Traditional Arab bath with steam saturated with eucalyptus essential oil. A rejuvenating experience loosening muscles…

Body Wraps

The use of marine products as well as other natural ingredients to remineralize our body and boost significantly the immune system…

Massage Therapy

A massage with essential oils has multiple virtues for your infinite wellbeing: muscle relaxation, elimination of toxins…

Heated Seawater Therapy

The swimming pool with fresh seawater and multiples massaging jets…

Therapeutic Treatments

The specific methods treating a range of health disorders resulting from poor lymphatic fluid movement around our body.

Heated Seawater Therapy Pool