Treatments by Glamour

Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of power of the sea and the marine environment such as algae, mud, sea climate, sea water, sand, plankton, in a preventative and remedial aim under medical supervision.



Traditional Arab bath with steam saturated with eucalyptus essential oil. A rejuvenating experience loosening muscles and eliminating toxins and excess fluid from the body. A perfect start before any treatment or massage.

Traditional Body Scrub in Hammam

After a steam bath your body is cleansed with a Kessa glove and olive soap both removing, gently but effectively, dead cells to open your pores and let your skin breathe. The scrubbing action also improves circulation and makes your skin more supple and soft.

Body Wraps

Marine Mud Body Wrap

Sea mud and its healing properties have been recognized across millennia. It offers a wealth of health benefits and is especially excellent treatment in case of rheumatic, muscular diseases or skin disorders (psoriasis, eczema etc.).

Marine Algae Body Wrap

Sea algae, rich in trace elements, remineralize our organism significantly boosting the immune system; intensively nourish the skin; stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, launch the lipolysis and collagen production; soothe muscle contractions and rheumatism pains.

White Clay Body Wrap

White clay or kaolin is the perfect soothing remedy for sensitive or irritated skin; can be used to treat sunburns, hives or dermatitis. Suitable for all skin types.


Low temperature causes veins to constrict favouring its tone, improving blood circulation and reducing leg swelling. This therapy is recommended in case of heavy legs, poor blood circulation or chronic fatigue.

Henna Body Wrap

This plant with multiple therapeutic virtues enhances skin aspect, deeply cleans the pores. Its astringent property makes it a perfect after sun care. Exfoliates, soothes and gives a light tan.

Heated Seawater Hydrotherapy

Jet Shower

An invigorating care. Stimulates blood circulation, reduces muscles tension, destroys fat cells and removes cellulite.

Heated Seawater Therapy Pool

The swimming pool with fresh seawater drawn 800 metres from the shoreline at a 15 m depth, then heated up to 32/34°C. Multiple massaging underwater jets for different muscle groups provide you with relaxing, soothing, drainage and slimming effects.

Multi-Jet Bath

In a bathtub of heated seawater programmable jets massage in cycle every part of the body.

Under Water Marine Shower

A targeted massage in a bathtub of heated seawater performed by a therapist with the help of a hose with adjustable pressure. Effectively fights cellulites, muscle and joint pains.

Vichy Shower

An invigorating waterfall that gently massages you while relaxing on a cushioned table. Increases the blood circulation, hydrates the skin and soothes the nervous system, enabling your body to balance and your muscles to relax.

Massage Therapy

Relaxing Massage

A massage with essential oils has multiple virtues for your infinite wellbeing: muscle relaxation, elimination of toxins, improved blood circulation, cellulite treatment… A must have in any thalassotherapy program.

Tonic Massage

One of the classic massages with essential toning oils. Effectively removes traces of overtiredness, restores muscle tone while increasing their potential. Recommended to treat asthenia, chronic fatigue, muscle and skin flaccidity.

Thaï Massage

The massage is an ancient Thai therapy which includes gentle pressure, pulling and stretching techniques. Performed while you are lying, fully clothed, on a padded mat on the floor. It relieves tension and enhances flexibility and range of motion, corrects blockages, deficiencies, and imbalances in the flow of our energy.

Californien Massage

The Californian massage adapts different traditional techniques to be the perfect relaxation and wellbeing care. Combining wrapping fluid strokes and sculpting energetic movements, it is highly effective at relieving tension and stress, promoting rejuvenation and healing on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

Ayurvedic Massage

The word “Ayurveda” is derived from two Sanskrit words: “ayus” meaning life and “vid” meaning knowledge. In India, an ayurvedic massage is considered as an important therapy that helps balance energies and regain a perfect harmony between body and mind.

Hot Stone Therapy

A healing practice traditionally used across North America since antiquity. This treatment aims at rebalancing energy flow targeting specific tension points to soothe it away. The warm of heated stones effectively calms tense muscles, relieves spasms and reduces pain.

Feet Reflexology

Plantar arches possess a big quantity of nervous endings which connect to the whole body and all its organs, hence feet massage rebalances the functioning of our organism as well as energy flowing through the body; fights headaches, migraines, insomnia, emotional and mental fatigue, overwork; prevents many diseases.

Couple Cabin

Surrender yourself to the relaxing bliss of tailored programs designed just for you both and live together unforgettable moments in an atmosphere of wellbeing, relaxation and total harmony with the outside world.

Back Massage

The massage is done with anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointments and essential oils. It reduces or eradicates tension and pains, enhances range of motion of the spine. Recommended in case of arthritis pains, osteochondrosis, Bekhterev’s disease, scoliosis, sciatica, disc herniation.

Beauty Treatments

Basic Facial

It comprises three steps: a purifying cleanse, followed by a relaxing massage and ending with a mask application to have your skin fresh and radiant. Prepares the skin to receive a care designed for its specific type.

Hyaluronic Facial Care

Hyaluronic acid of marine origin boosts collagen and fibroblasts synthesis, hence effectively restores the skin. Fine lines disappear, the wrinkles become less visible. This care is the best option when the first signs of wrinkles and expression lines appear.

Wrinkle Smoother Care with Collagen

This care is performed with products based on collagen and natural active ingredients promoting its further production. It leaves skin looking smooth, even and ideally moisturized. Recommended to reduce premature skin aging.

Lightning Care

The natural ingredients used for this treatment restore a natural complexion, perfect and uniform, tones down pigmentation imperfections, illuminates and brightens skin.

Sensitive Skin Care

This treatment combines a gentle scrub, a soothing and vasoconstrictor serum, anti-redness and anti-irritation mask and a cream building skin’s resistance. Recommended for the most delicate, lifeless or allergic skin, couperose, burns, and feelings of tightness.

Moisturising Care

This treatment is recommended for all skin types and includes cleaning, moisturising and reconstruction of natural hydrolipidic film which protects your skin against water loss.

Silicium Lift Care

Two different masks are applied in accordance with different morphology of the upper and lower face parts. While the first fights wrinkles, the other redefines the face oval and works the double chin. An ideal treatment when the skin loses its density and the oval – its tone.

« Oriental Beauty » Ritual

Pamper your skin with unique oriental recipes based on floral waters, clays, argan oil and many others, through all the classic steps of a facial: cleansing, mask and massage.

Eye Care

An essential care to help the eye contour get rid of dark circles, bags, and fine lines. Also works as a preventive measure. The mask restoring elasticity and lifting serum are combined with lymphatic drainage eliminating puffiness.

Therapeutic Treatments


A compression system is used to facilitate lymphatic and venous drainage. It allows to reactivate blood circulation and toxin elimination, to reshape the silhouette and fight cellulite. Gone is the ‘heavy legs’ sensation!

Light Legs Treatment

The local treatment restoring a long-lasting sensation of lightness in legs. Includes circulatory massage, the application of cryo gel and bandage. Recommended in case of varicose veins and spider veins, oedema, blood vessels fragility and cellulite.

Rehabilitation in a Swimming Pool

Personalised exercises in the heated seawater swimming pool restoring joint and spinal column range motion, normalizing muscle tone. Included in programme in case of osteoarthritis, chronic back pains, pregnancy, or as a post-traumatic treatment.

Medical Pedicure

A specially trained personnel help you get rid of corns, calluses, treat ingrown or thickened toenails, fungus, dry heals and cuticles.

Ultrasonic Peel

A gentle face cleansing removes dead cells and impurities from the skin surface, effectively solves problems such as acne, increased sebaceous excretions, dull complexion, poor skin turgor. The vibration also works as a massage boosting collagen production, allowing deep penetration of the active ingredients into the skin and rejuvenating its outer layer.

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual treatment provided by a kinesiotherapist. Superficial movements, light and gentle, in order not to compress lymph vessels, stimulate lymphatic flow, metabolism and toxin elimination. It’s effective in case of oedema, lymphedema, cellulite, overweigh. Can also be prescribed as post-operative therapy.


An individual exercise program that involves pedalling on a stationary bicycle frame which is submerged in a pool of heated seawater. Body is lighter in water reducing the strain on joints, knees and spinal column. Recommended for those who are eager to say farewell to overweigh, oedema, heavy legs, cellulite and welcome refined waist, toned hip and leg muscles. It also works as a powerful lymphatic drainage, especially on a lower part of the body; enhances cardio-vascular system function and joint health when suffering from arthritis or traumatism.

Cosmetic Products

Tunisia is known to be a true treasure trove of essential oils, organic olive oil with undeniable nutritional values for our organism as well as for its numerous sorts of clay used effectively for cosmetic purposes: green, white, red.  At Glamour Thalasso & SPA, we choose the best the local nature can provide to detoxify and revitalize your body.
We only work with certified products.
Clays and sea algae we use for body wraps come in powder form so that we are sure these products are free from preservatives. Water is added to it just before treatment.
High quality essential oils are added to basic oils (olive, argan, sesame oils) by our specialists before treatment as well depending on its properties and a massage type.
Seaweed-based French cosmetics brands in serum or extract form are there for your ultimate facial skin care.